Why is My Toilet Leaking at the Base?

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March 8, 2021
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Why is My Toilet Leaking at the Base?

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Do you see your toilet leaking at the base? Is your bathroom turning into a swimming pool? contact toilet repair Miami FL.

If you nodded your head in affirmation to any of the questions, you have a serious problem at hand. The first thing you should do is not ignore the sign!

It may indicate a problem with the sealing between the drainpipe and toilet base under the toilet. 

The water that leaks from the base comes from the toilet bowl and is insanitary. It gives a sewer smell. If ignored, the toilet continues to leak and result in water damage to the flooring, subfloor, and ceiling of the rooms under the toilet. 

Here are a few simple tips to fix and stop the toilet leak at the base. 

  • Look for Clues

Narrow down the cause of the sipping. You should first need to ensure it’s a toilet leak at the base. 

To do so, dry out the exterior of the toilet and the floor. As more water around the base starts spotting around, note the following factors:

  1. If the toilet has just been flushed,
  2.  The spot the water exactly seems to be coming out from.

This would help you know if it’s a toilet leak at the base or something else. 

  • Check the Leaks

Usually, such a leak occurs when you flush the toilet. However, there’s always a possibility of a mistake. Before going ahead, make sure that the water leaks are not just moisture on the toilet bowl. 

For that, try to soak up the water using some paper towels and flush the toilet again. A loose water supply line can also contribute to the rise of the water pool floor. A defective water valve can also do the same. The hoses behind the toilet can also lead to a similar situation. 

Check everything properly so that you can rule out this possibility.

  • Examine the Tee Bolts

If you see carefully, you’ll find plastic caps around the base of your toilet. At the base of your toilet, locate tee bolts covered under those caps. They hold your toilet at the place. 

The seal of the toilet seat breaks when these bolts are loose or broken. Such situations allow the leaks to take place. Adjust the position of the toilet by leveling and centering it, and tighten the bolts. 

Replace the set if the bolts spin freely or are broken. Also, be careful to not overtighten the bolts or it could crack. 

  • Examine the Wax Ring

If your toilet is still leaking after tightening the tee bolts, it could be because of the wax rings.

Most probably, the wax ring on the toilet needs to be replaced. To resolve this problem, follow below steps:

  1. Purchase a new wax ring – To get a new wax ring for your toilet, visit the store and get help. It is best if you can take a picture of the base of your toilet and ask the expert at the store to help you find a suitable wax ring replacement.
  2. Prepare the toilet – Close the inlet of the water to your toilet through the water valve behind the toilet. Flush the toilet to empty out as much water as you can through flush. Unscrew the nut keeping the fill valve in place and take out the excess water using a small bucket and remove all the leftover water. At last, plunge for a few seconds to remove the remaining water in the base of the toilet. 
  3. Remove the toilet and replace the old wax ring – Detach the water supply from the toilet and unscrew the tee bolts of the floor. This way you are ready to lift and remove the toilet from its usual place. Keep the toilet aside carefully and remove the old wax ring. Make sure you remove the residue of the dried-on wax and other leftovers before you install the new wax ring.
  4. Install the new wax ring – Unpack your newly bought wax ring and keep it in the proper place over the flange with the tee bolts kept in place. Along with keeping the new wax ring in place, place your toilet again at its old place.
  5. Install your toilet – Place the toilet in the right position and start fixing the toilet by exerting your body weight into the process. Push the wax ring to create the seal. Screw the tee bolts but ensure you do not overtighten, make sure that the toilet is in the center and leveled properly. 

Reconnect your water inlet pipe, turn on the water valve, and flush it. Inspect your toilet closely to identify if there are any water leaks from the new seal.

  1. Keep examining – Wait for a few days to ensure the problem of the toilet leak is solved. Once ensured, install caulk around the base of the toilet. It helps prevent wiped water and spills from the overflowing toilet, which leads to mold or unpleasant odors. 

A toilet leak leads to mold growth and increases the water bills. So, it is important to address the leak immediately. 

If you want to do your toilet repairs Miami FL perfectly, make sure you call a professional plumber to repair Miami near you to make the required repairs. 

Hopefully, your efforts for your leaky toilet are successful. If not, Titan Plumbing Repair is here to help you! Just reach out to us over the phone and we’d be at your service instantly.

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