3 common reason your electric water heater might be overheating

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March 16, 2021
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3 common reason your electric water heater might be overheating

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A surprise cold shower on a chilly morning is a big NO especially when you are getting late for work. The worst part being many electric water heater repair Miami can’t give you instant support. This is exactly the time when you realize the importance of a properly working water heater system.

Electric water heater problems can be irritating as well as lead to serious health hazards. Stepping into a hot shower and burning your skin with blisters is never a good idea. The electric heater can cause severe skin burns that can take a toll on your health. If you are experiencing this problem quite often, it may be because of the water heater overheating. In this case, you require water heater installation and repair Miami to protect yourself and your family from unnecessary health consequences. 

If you are wondering what is causing your water heater to overheat, here are the top reasons why it is happening,

Top 3 Reasons Why Electric Water Heater is Overheating

  • Uncontrolled temperature or set temperature is too high

Sometimes electric water heaters can show abnormalities and fluctuate their temperature setting. This can be a reason for getting frequent changes in the water temperature. In such a case, it is best to go for professional water heater repair in Miami and get your water heater system checked as well as rectified. 

Another major reason can be your set temperature. If the temperature of the electric water heater is set too high, it will need to be turned down immediately. The normal thermostat temperature for your water tank should not exceed 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Anything higher than this can turn too hot for both your skin and monthly bills. 

So, the first thing you should do is check the temperature of your water heater. If you find it anywhere above 120, seek professional help.

  • Mineral sediment buildup 

Water coming to your home is also accompanied by a lot of natural minerals dissolved within which can give a major challenge to your water heater system. When water is heated, these minerals begin to form clusters and sediment inside of the tank. 

If the sediment is formed on heating elements, the water heater system will overwork itself leading to overheating of the water system. 

Whether you go for a high-quality heater system or a regular one, the heating elements are prone to sediment buildup. Usually, the bottom of the tank and heating elements are mostly affected by natural elements of water. 

If you come across sediment formation in your heating system, it is better to get it removed immediately. If left unnoticed, it can lead to the entire unit failing which can be a costly affair. 

  • Excessive pressure or pressure relief wall is broken

Excessive pressure inside the water tank can be disastrous for both your home and your heating system. The steam buildup inside the tank of your water heater can cause bodily harm in case of a tank burst. To avoid this issue, a pressure relief valve is given with a water heater system. This valve allows excess steam to release from the water heater and avoids overheating.

However, if the relief valve gets stuck, the steam will continue to build inside the water tank. This will lead to overheating and also cause the bursting of the tank in extreme conditions. If you notice signs of water boiling inside the tank, look at plumbing services prices and get the best plumber in Miami to resolve the problem. The plumber will turn off the power to the electric water heater and check the pressure valve immediately. 


One of the most life-threatening problems with electric water heaters is due to overheating. Excessive heat in the water heaters can cause your skin to burn and cause blisters. Furthermore, it can also permanently damage the water heater system which will cause a large amount of money to either replace or repair. a

The good news is that you can check yourself by looking for the above signs and take necessary prevention before it turns into something big.

If you are tired of getting your water heater repaired frequently or you are struggling with overheating or your water heater is failing to function properly, it’s better to look for professional help. It is best to avoid expensive damages and potential dangers by giving Titan Plumbing Repair a chance. Our experienced and certified team of plumbers can troubleshoot the issue and resolve all types of electric water heater problems.

Get in touch with us and get your water heater fixed.

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