Improve Your Landscape Drainage with a Catch Basin

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Improve Your Landscape Drainage with a Catch Basin

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Owning a functional landscape drainage system is essential to ensure a healthy environment and maintain a beautiful property. An effective landscape water drainage Miami is vital to protecting the foundation of property which can further stop the onset of swelling, shrinkage, or cracking. 

Improper drainage can affect a landscaping project before it even begins. Fortunately, the drainage system can be improved by installing catch basins. It is also referred to as curb inlets or storm drain inlets that consist of a grate with a sump to capture debris, sediment, and pollutants. However, the ability to remove pollutants and sediments depends on the design, size, and maintenance procedures.

What is a catch basin?

A catch basin is considered a vital part of the landscape drainage systems. With a grate on top and a drainage pipe, installing catch basins help to maintain effective drainage and prevent pipe downstream from becoming clogged. 

Catch basins are available in different sizes and types with all designs and styles have their advantages and disadvantages. Plastic, concrete, and PVD materials are quite common. Concerning how severe the ponding issue is, will help you decide the size catch basin you need. If it occurs occasionally, it is good to go with installing a drainage outlet pipe that is lightweight that can quickly drain away from the water from the small basin. However, for a larger water problem, a precast concrete basin is preferred. Precast concrete basins are usually heavy and require some type of machinery to move and set in place. 

Cleaning and maintaining clogged systems

Irrespective of the kind of storm drain catch basin used, it must be cleared of debris to maximize its efficiency and protect the location against flooding. The catch basins should be well-maintained and monitored to ensure they work efficiently without imposing any risk of water damage on driveways and flooding of roads. Failing to maintain the catch basin can be a source of dangerous pollutants that might lead to material flowing to rivers and oceans.

Advantages of installing catch basins

Landscape aid

The use of a catch basin is specifically meant for residential properties that receive heavy rainfall or have a bad drainage system. If adequately installed by professionals, the catch basin can act as a rainwater reservoir. This is essential as stagnated rainwater is often a cause of soggy soil which further harms nearby plants and trees. Thus, installing a catch basin is a great preventative measure to handle these issues.

Enhances home’s value

A catch basin is a great addition to your residential place as it boosts the resale value of your property. Potential property buyers feel more confident in buying a property with installed drainage systems.

Effective inserts

Catch basins are not designed for sediment and pollutant capture, instead of installing these curb inlets can help boost the efficiency of the drainage system. These can remove sediment, debris, trash, grease, and oil. The best part is that they can capture floatable material and prevent them from entering the storm drain system.

Improved landscaping

Standing water has the potential to cause a buildup of mosquitoes, a potentially slippery surface, or a water water-soaked landscape. Also, low areas in the garden ruin the planting soil by capturing rainwater and creating a ponding issue. Soggy gardens cannot be mown and turn to mud that can kill the plants. A simple remedy to these problems is the installation of a catch basin that drains away all the excess water.

Installing a catch basin is a way towards a better drainage system that can help prevent topsoil and mulch washout.

How to install catch basins?

If you are planning on installing a catch basin as a part of the well-planned drainage system, it often benefits to call in the services of a Landscape drainage contractor Miami who can inspect the landscape drainage problems and even find out the best course of action to take. 

Before implementing the plan, it is vital to consider the overall drainage area in regards to the soil porosity, the gradient of the surfaces, and the available run-off areas. Only Drainage System Installation and Repair can help in determining the drainage problem areas and can further suggest the required fixtures in regards to creating a high-quality landscape drainage area.

Another vital aspect is to consider the size and number of catch basins required for your project. This can be decided well by the professionals after a thorough inspection of the property.  

The professional also needs to consider other matters related to natural low areas, poorly positioned downspouts, and recently constructed extensions. Finding the cause of the backlog of water can go a long way towards eliminating the problems and putting in place the right drainage system.

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